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Sage Independence offers a wide variety of amenities and social events to make the most of your experience living on campus (Read here how you can skip paying a month of rent Every Year for LIFE!)

Join Us for a Drink & Evening Dining

Each evening, a social drink is served in the lounge or patio for people to gather before a great dinner is served in a comfortable setting.  On Fridays, a variety of musicians come to put on a show during a Happy Hour prior to dinner. 

Wellness Center & Coaching

With access to a high level fitness center on campus, it's simple to maintain or improve your strength, or just have fun getting some healthy movement in with friends. 

Housekeeping & Shuttle Services

Enjoy having your apartment cleaned bi-weekly by experienced staff, as well as convenient shuttle service for group outings or private appointments.

Indoor Heated Parking & Security

The community is protected with secure entrances and security systems, and if you have a vehicle to park - enjoy heated underground parking for comfort and security.

Social Programming & Maintenance Services

With a variety of social programming events such as entertainment, group activities, guest speakers, outings, book clubs, card clubs, and much more - enjoy the fun and leave any maintenance requests to our helpful staff!

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